The Festival blog

  • Il gran finale

    Ancora poche ore alla cerimonia conclusiva del XIX Festival della Lessinia. Alcuni testimoni giurano di aver visto il direttore Artistico sdoppiarsi ed essere presente nello stesso momento in luoghi diversi. La segreteria sta raggiungendo il record di telefonate al minuto. Bisogna accogliere gli ultimi ospiti e organizzare i loro spostamenti. I tecnici di suoni e luci stanno cercando soluzioni per accontentare le richieste del direttore artistico e assicurare la buona riuscita della serata. Dopo lunghissime trattative siamo riusciti a convincere [continue reading]

  • Curtain!

    The curtain falls, the lights go out.  The Teatro Vittoria slowly empties of all of the protagonists who have animated this  XIX edition of the Film Festival della Lessinia. The Lessinia d’Oro was awarded to the Brazilian film,  Histórias que só exsistem quando lembradas, which also took the prize from the Jury of Inmates of the Verona PrisonThe Lessinia d’Argento went to the film Der Imker.
    For those who experienced this Festival firsthand, the sensation is that of the dissolving of [continue reading]

  • The long short night

    11 pm. Usually at this hour the screenings end and the public exits the Teatro Vittoria to move toward the Osteria and the Festival piazza. Last night, however, the audience went back inside for a unique mix of music and cinema.   
    Given the late hour, we prepared an evening of quick rhythms alternating short films, dialogues with directors, and musical intervals by the duet Maguet Guey and Giatamuta Giata. The result was a two-hour performance, somewhere between cabaret, concert, [continue reading]

  • Cacciatori, con la penna in mano

    Racconti di cacciatori, armati però di penna. E opinioni di chi, invece, cacciatore non è. A Parole alte, la Dea Diana ha scoccato le sue frecce ospitando autori che hanno scritto della caccia: Marco Ramanzini, Claudio Zanini, Franco Zunino e Daria Valentin in dialogo con la giornalista Margherita Detomas. Sono partiti dalle pagine delle pubblicazioni di Mario Rigoni Stern per arrivare alla letteratura contemporanea, come spunto di confronto e riflessione su una tematica di cui oggi è difficile parlare. Tra [continue reading]

  • Waiting for the winners

    We are getting close to the final night of the Festival.
    Since the jury has not leaked a single indiscretion and the winners are still top secret, we gathered some opinions from the public and the staff in order to try to understand which films are favoured for the top prizes.  On first glance, the films that seem to have garnered the most interest in the theatre are Le thé ou l’élecrticité, [continue reading]

  • In the World of the Giaulos

    The first Giaulo arrived on a raft on Mount Pelmo, in the area of the Giau Pass. They are half human, half tree (Swiss pine, to be exact). Since then, the family has grown.
    They are close friends of the sculptor Mauro Lampo and his partner, the stylist Alessandra Piller Cottrer. The Giaulos rarely show their face to humans. The problem is that humans are spoiling the nature that the Giaulos so love. [continue reading]

  • Grownup Dreams

    Loden, the protagonist of the first film, wants to become a Lama, but a Lama who is a very good soccer player. Even better would be to become a Lama after a career as a great player! In the end, at this age such passions are more important than studies and even than the festivities in honour of Buddha! “I will become a great director! Then I will be one of your actors! No, no cinema for me, I prefer [continue reading]

  • The prize from the inmates of the Verona prison

    Gates almost ten meters high. When entering, we had to pass through a metal detector and our gear  (video cameras, microphones, stands, and lights) was checked out, piece by piece. A kind prison guard kept us in sight, making sure we only focused on sites and people we were authorized to film. Today, a small troupe from the Festival went down to the Prison in Montorio (Verona). We saw the cell set up as a screening room where the inmates, [continue reading]

  • Shepherds Today

    His shoelaces are electrical wires, his socks are handmade, his cup is a sheep’s hoof, and his beard is very long. Celestino Anselmo is one of the few shepherds remaining in the Lessinia. Of course, he no longer has his flock; he is not young, and the work of a shepherd requires great strength. But he stills remembers clearly when he was a child and had to take care that his sheep did not stray to graze in his neighbour’s [continue reading]